5 Best Skid Steer Attachments for Landscaping

Landscaping season is here, and there is a lot to do to transform outdoor spaces from dead winter areas to enjoyable oases. One of the most used pieces of equipment is a skid steer, and for landscaping jobs, you need the right attachments to do the work correctly and efficiently.

If you're looking to transform outdoor spaces this spring and summer, here are the best skid steer attachments to achieve the most outstanding results.

What Are the Best Skid Steer Attachments for Landscaping?

1. Pallet Fork

A pallet fork is a valuable tool for moving large items without injury. From landscaping rocks, lumber, brush piles and more, a pallet fork does a lot of work no matter what size of the landscaping job.

Pallet fork attachments can be lower to ground level to make loading and unloading more accessible, so you're not spending a lot of energy on heavy lifting.

2. Soil Conditioner

A soil conditioner attachment is a crucial piece of equipment to keep lawns looking great. It's an ideal tool to use in the fall to prep your yard for winter and ensure healthy regrowth when the snow melts.

If you live on an acreage or out in the country, soil conditioners can also help condition gravel, helping reduce potholes and keeping the surface as smooth as possible.

3. Bucket

Skid steer bucket attachments are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment on any job site. They're especially useful for transporting materials like dirt, sand, and gravel for a landscaping project.

If your project calls for digging or grading land, the bucket attachment is designed to make those tasks more manageable. Choosing a bucket with teeth can help the bucket dig into the ground more effectively.

4. Sweeper

After a winter of sanding, a broom is an essential step in landscaping. Once the snow is gone, the city will sweep the roads, but your sidewalks, driveway, and patio can still have dirt and mud build-up.

A broom attachment clears away this unwanted debris without damaging pavement and concrete. It restores your surface to its best to prep it for seal coating or to fill asphalt cracks.

5 Best Skid Steer Attachments for Landscaping

5. Trencher

With a trencher attachment, you can help fix draining issues. If you experience a lot of standing water that creates muddy areas or overflowing rainwater, a trench can help redirect water away from your home's foundation.

A skid steer attachment trencher is an easier way to operate a trencher on your job site, and you can abandon the walk-behind trenchers for good.

How Do You Know Which Skid Steer Attachment You Need?

Renting your skid steer and attachments is a low-risk way to try out equipment and discover what works best for your job site. When you rent from Falcon Equipment Rentals, you also have a wealth of resources to consult.

Contact Falcon Equipment Rentals and tell us about your job – we’ll find the attachments you need to make the work seamless and easy.