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We Put Values First

We see both a responsibility and an opportunity to support the communities in which we live and work in. We want our communities to benefit from our presence and support as a socially responsible company. We encourage and expect all employees to make a difference through volunteering and charitable activities. Our goal is to not only support but also participate in our communities and support positive initiatives wherever we can.



We aim to positively influence our communities by: Accepting and embracing our role and expectation as a responsible employer of choice and supporter of local businesses. Encouraging our employee’s and recognizing their efforts in volunteering, participation, mentoring, charitable work. Giving back to the local business community and our youth – without expecting publicity or favors in return. Inviting, but not pressuring, our staff, partners, vendors, and stakeholders to contribute to charitable organizations, local initiatives, or other community causes.

We Put Values First

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Communities - We Put Values First,

“We believe shopping local
will allow our communities
to flourish”

In our fast changing and competitive world, it's more important than ever we
pay attention to cost, however, we see the choice to "shop local" as a reinvestment
into the local economy. Without that reinvestment, we discourage the development
of the local service capacity. When you choose to keep your support local, the community
has a better opportunity to build further resilience. 


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