We dont just provide the equipment....


Falcon Equipment offers end to end solutions for your project. From site set up to hotshot deliveries to equipment and materials sourcing, Falcon has the capacity to serve as a one-stop shop for our clients.



Equipment Deliveries


Site Fence Panels Erected


Site Toilets Serviced


Project Sites

site lighting
Site Lighting

Whether you are lighting up an event, job site or storage yard, Falcon has a wide range of portable lighting options available. One common issue with lighting large areas is the requirement of power. We have generator type light towers and fully electric units that can be chained together. Whatever your site needs are, we have options we can put together to ensure a low cost lighting package when noise is a concern or a package that gives you an extra 10kw of power at each light source. We have units with upwards of 900,000 lumens, 240 hour run times and 2000hr service intervals. The sky is the limit for custom options, and we are here to set them up for you on-site!

equipment servicing
Equipment Servicing

Servicing can often be overlooked when planning for a job. That is why we offer servicing schedules for each piece of equipment we have. Typical scenarios yield the benefit of set service costs and ease of mind knowing the servicing is not something to plan into your work. Reduced downtime and reduced overall expense are often realized when we go through a full service and inspection each time we visit a site!

fence installs
Fence Installs

From insurance claims to construction sites, most sites have sensitive and valuable assets that cant afford to be exposed to passers by. We can discuss the best layout for a site considering the best perimeter, man and vehicle gates, and barrier protection sensitive areas to ensure your site gets off to the right start. We can deliver, set up and take down sites as small as 10 panels to as big as 1000+ panels!

toilet servicing
Toilet Servicing

When your working on a remote site or just having company over for the weekend, you need additional bathroom facilities! We have a full range of options available to clients 5 hours away or just across the street. A typical portable toilet can be delivered 6 hours away to a remote oil and gas site. a 3 place washroom trailer can be ordered for a wedding on a weekend. Or visa versa. Each rental has its place depending on the location and need. Rest assured, we can get it to either, set it up, put it on a service schedule or an on-call service basis and.... you can be confident your function will not be disrupted by much more natural urges.

equipment tracking
Equipment Tracking

Theft is commonly safeguarded against by locking equipment out, chaining equipment down, removing wheels, covering with cargo nets, etc. The issue is however, once a thief has the equipment, recovery is almost hopeless. But not with GPS! We have nearly half of our fleet outfitted with GPS in a clean and undistinguishable way. Not only do we have the ability to track equipment, we can set geo-fences, analyze turn by turn, timestamp LSD locations and much more to all yield to our clients a rental that protects against theft claims and offers data about the machine you can consider in planning and execution. A wide range of possibilities can be discussed for your next project's site monitoring needs!

additional inventories
Additional Inventories

Geotec fabric, concrete barriers, traffic lights, signage and bagged aggregates are among just a few of the other inventories we can offer. Our trucks and personel are used to transporting a wide range of equipment and yes... materials. Nothing is out of our wheelhouse or realm of possibilities. With our "end to end" outlook on site services, we dont draw the line at equipment! If ther eis something else that needs moving, just let us know! It's all a part of the service level we want to offer!