How to Prevent Theft on the Construction Site

On a construction site, there are unlimited valuables – from tools, equipment, and even raw building materials; thieves see an opportunity and take advantage. Unfortunately, job site theft isn't uncommon and can be costly for the builders and subcontractors.


Delays in construction, insurance claims, and waiting for replacements can set you back. It's frustrating for all involved, especially when it's entirely preventable.


Here are a few ways to decrease thefts and make it tough for thieves to breach your construction site entirely.


Keep the Site Secure


Once everyone goes home for the day and the site is left unattended, it's vulnerable to theft. You don't need to have someone sit there all night, but you should make it difficult for people to access the site.


Prevent people from walking onto your site by keeping gates and fences secure and locked up. Running lights overnight is also a deterrent for thieves – they'll feel like a spotlight is on them. The idea that they're being watched can make them move on to an easier mark.


Maintain Site and Equipment Records


An inventory log of everything that should be on-site – from tools, equipment, and materials, can help site supervisors catch anything that's missing.


In the event of theft of heavy equipment or specialized tools, you may have to file a police report and submit it to insurance. You'll need the identification number for the equipment, the make and model, and photos – this will help identify your equipment if it's recovered.


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Secure the Equipment


Losing vital equipment to theft affects productivity and your bottom line. You have to contend with delays on the project and the financial costs of the lost time and equipment. It’s even more of a struggle when the equipment is rented.


Protecting your critical tools and equipment can be as simple as locking them up somewhere inaccessible to non-workers. Also, removing batteries makes equipment inoperable and, therefore, difficult to move.  If you have the budget for more modern equipment, they usually have built-in features to prevent theft, such as alarms and GPS capabilities.


Report Suspicious Activity


Most criminals who hit construction sites usually aren't stumbling upon them. More than likely, someone is casing the area to find vulnerabilities, learn when workers come and go, and plan how to remove the most expensive equipment.


If you notice behaviour that seems odd from passersby during the day, it's worth reporting to the site supervisor and the police department.


Bottom Line


You can do everything right and still be a victim of job site theft. But taking these steps makes it easier to identify what was taken, how it was accessed, and how best to find it again.


Falcon Rentals have all the rental equipment you need, including lights and trailers, to help keep your site safe. If you need a rental to replace some lost and stolen equipment, contact us to discover our inventory’s availability.