How to Select the Right Generator to Rent

Generators are essential in many situations, whether it be an outdoor event, construction site, or power outage.

While purchasing a generator can be a significant investment, renting one is a cost-effective alternative that our team can help you with.

It can be challenging to choose the right generator to meet your power needs and budget. In this blog, we will guide you through the process of selecting the right generator to rent.

Determine Your Power Needs:

How to Select the Right Generator to Rent

The first step in selecting the right generator is determining the amount of power you need. Make a list of all the devices you will be using and their wattage requirements.

Keep in mind that some devices may require more power to start up than they do to operate continuously. You can use an online power calculator or consult with a generator expert to determine your power needs accurately.

Consider the Fuel Source:

Generators can operate on various fuel sources such as gasoline, diesel, propane, and natural gas. Consider the availability and cost of the fuel source you choose:

  • Gasoline generators are generally the most affordable option but may not be very fuel-efficient.
  • Diesel generators are more expensive but provide better fuel efficiency and more extended run times.
  • Propane and natural gas generators are also cost-effective options but require a steady supply of propane or natural gas.

Choose the Right Size:

The size of the generator you rent should match your power needs. Oversized generators will use more fuel, while undersized ones may not provide enough power for your devices.

You should also consider the physical size of the generator and whether it can fit in the location you need it in. Portable generators are usually smaller and easier to transport, while stationary generators are larger and require a permanent location.

Check the Noise Level:

Generators can be noisy, which can be a concern if you are using them in a residential area or public event. Check the noise level of the generator you rent and ensure it complies with local noise regulations. Some generators come with sound baffling features to reduce noise levels.

Rent from a Reputable Company:

The final step in selecting the right generator to rent is to rent it from a reputable company. Look for a rental company that offers high-quality equipment, reliable maintenance, and excellent customer service. Make sure to read reviews, check licenses, and ask for referrals before renting a generator.


Renting a generator is an excellent option for those who need temporary power. However, it is important to select the right generator to meet your needs and budget. By determining your power needs, considering the fuel source, choosing the right size, checking the noise level, and renting from a reputable company, you can ensure a successful rental experience.

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