Safety First: Why Boom Lifts Need to be Inspected Annually

The use of boom lifts has become a crucial aspect in many industries, particularly in construction, maintenance, and repair.  These machines provide efficient and effective access to heights and hard-to-reach places, reducing the risk of workplace accidents and fatalities.

However, with the constant wear and tear, safety hazards can occur.  This is why it's crucial to inspect boom lifts annually.  In this blog post, we'll discuss the reasons why annual inspections are vital for boom lifts and how they can help keep workers safe.

Compliance with Safety Standards

Boom lifts are required to meet certain safety standards and businesses must ensure that their boom lifts are inspected annually, regardless of whether they are rented or owned.  Annual inspections ensure that the lift is operating according to the manufacturer's specifications and meets regulations.  This guarantees the safety of workers and reduces the risk of accidents and legal penalties.

Man in high extending boom, outside, at working facility.

Detecting Hidden Safety Hazards

During inspections, trained professionals check the lift for hidden safety hazards that may not be visible during regular use.  Boom lifts may experience issues such as uneven tire wear, hydraulic fluid leaks, and structural cracks that could pose serious risks to workers.  Annual inspections help to identify these hidden problems and enable prompt repairs, ensuring the continued safety of the equipment.

Extended Lifespan

Regular boom lift inspections can prolong the lifespan of the equipment.  Detection of issues early on can help to prevent major equipment breakdowns, thus preventing the need for expensive repairs or even replacement.  This translates to cost savings for the companies that utilize these lifts.

Increases Equipment Efficiency

A boom lift that has been properly maintained and inspected can provide greater efficiency.  This is because it ensures that the lift is operating smoothly and without defects.  This reduces downtime, thus increasing productivity and making the job go faster.

Maximized Reliability

Boom lifts are often used in harsh working environments, and this constant use may require occasional tune-ups or maintenance.  Regular inspections ensure that these lifts are operating at peak performance, reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns, and ensuring maximum reliability.


In conclusion, boom lifts play an essential role in many industries, but their efficient use and safety must be ensured.  Regular inspections and maintenance help to prevent equipment failure, prolong the lifespan of the lift, and maintain safety standards.  It's essential to engage qualified professionals to carry out these inspections to identify and repair any underlying problems before they become serious issues.

By investing in proper maintenance and inspections, companies can guarantee the safety of their workforce and prolong the lifespan of their equipment, benefitting their bottom line in the long term.  Always put safety first and make sure that your boom lift is inspected annually.

Your safety is important to us.  Falcon Equipment Rentals inspects our boom lifts annually.  Rent with us today!