What Equipment Do You Need for Clearing Land?

Land clearing is a huge undertaking, but it's an essential part of the construction process. You need an empty space in order to start on your project, and you need the right equipment to get it done.

The type of equipment you need for clearing land may vary slightly depending on the kind of landscape you're dealing with. But here are some of the universal land clearing equipment you'll need for your next project.

Mulchers and Mowers

If you are encountering a lot of overgrowth, you’ll definitely need a mower to break down the grass and weeds. A mulcher will also come in handy if you’re finding lots of underbrush or small trees to clear. These machines can help break down the most stubborn grasses, weeds, and branches and are a necessity for prepping land. 


When you meet rocks or uneven land, you'll want a bulldozer nearby. For any clearing project, a bulldozer will help move the topsoil away. Once that's done, it will leave you with a surface ready for building your new construction project.

Stump Grinders 

Clearing land that used to have trees tend to leave a lot of tree stumps behind. A stump grinder is a specialized tool that will save you time and energy when trying to clear those stumps. This tool will not only make breaking down stumps easier but also break down the thick roots.

Smaller tools, such as chainsaws, are needed for land clearing, but it's also important not to forget the standard equipment. Ensure that you have a dump truck to haul away all your debris, and you’ll have a clear plot of land ready for the vision of your project to come to life.