What You Need to Start a Snow Removal Business This Winter

It's nice to see the first snowfall in winter, but once it ends, you have to think about snow removal. It’s a niche industry and service that many seek out in the winter months. If you want to get in on the business of snow removal, there are things to know before you start.


1.    What Snow Removal Services Will You Offer?


The first decision you need to make is to determine exactly what services you’re going to offer. Consider where you live and what the winter weather is really like. Do you get regular heavy snowfall? Do you see a lot of freezing rain and sleet? Think about whether you want to remove snow or scrape away the ice. Or both. 

Next, decide whether you want to take on commercial or residential projects. Each uses different types of equipment, so it’s best to choose just one to start off.


2.    Get the Best Snow/Ice Removal Equipment


Since different types of jobs will require unique equipment, the kind of equipment you need should align with your services. Planning for the kind of jobs you're going to accept will help guide your equipment choices. 

Some of the essential items you might need are:

  • Snowblowers
  • Plow
  • Skid steer
  • Road salt or sand

Whether you're clearing commercial parking lots or a driveway, it's critical to have all the equipment you need to do the job efficiently.


3.    Scale Your Snow Removal Business the Right Way


Your new snow removal business might grow faster than you plan for. If you're booking more jobs than you have the equipment to handle, supplement with rental equipment. Renting snow removal equipment ensures that you have the tools on hand to complete jobs without making a large purchase of more equipment. So, you can take on more jobs and still get them done efficiently.