How to Keep Your Job Site Clean

Job sites can be messy by nature. Debris, waste materials, and other unnecessary messes can build up over time to create an overwhelming site that slows productivity and frustrate workers.

It's normal for there to be dirt and machinery, but you should avoid a disorderly mess of clutter. Scrap metals, wood, or other excess materials can easily collect but keeping a job site clean doesn't take long and can prevent accidents.

Below are some easy ways to keep your site clean throughout the project to make things safe and efficient.

1. Make a Simple Routine

Having a clear plan for tackling a mess can reduce frustration and make sure nothing gets left out. If you choose to make it a company policy, having clear expectations from your employees and subcontractors can reduce miscommunications and ensure everyone is doing their part.

Include everyone in the process and make sure everyone knows why it’s an important policy. By involving everyone, it won’t only go more quickly, but it will get everyone invested in the safety and efficiency of the site.

2.    Contain Your Waste Until You Can Remove it

Having a secure place to keep your waste, whether hazardous or not, is essential to maintaining an overall clean site. Keeping debris in the proper containers, especially if it's flammable or combustible, also improves safety.

Ensuring that your leftover materials are kept out of sight can deter theft or dumpster divers from targeting your site for looting.


Falcon Rentals Boomlift on site

3.    Don’t Forget the Working Areas

A clean job site is not just about reducing waste and making sure you deal with trash properly. Cleaning the job site to make it more maneuverable for workers should be a priority. Simple things like making the job site safe to access and leave and keeping walking surfaces clear are essential f safety.

The toilet facilities (especially if they're portable) shouldn't fall to the side. Portable toilets may need to be replaced or professionally cleaned more, but investing in the cost will improve the site.

Bottom Line

Even though job sites are inherently messy and dirty, there are strategies that you can put in place to keep them as tidy as possible. Not only does it look better and keep it safe for your workers (and from theft), it can also make your final clean less daunting.