What’s the Best Time to Start Your Landscaping Project?

Nice warm days are a precious commodity – we don't get enough of them, and they're so short. Since you want to enjoy all the summer nights at the barbeque, getting your landscaping done as early as possible seems like the right move.

Depending on what projects you’re looking to complete, the ideal time to start will vary, but here is a quick guide to tell you when to get started.

When Can You Start Building a New Patio or Deck?

Undertaking a big project where you have to coordinate different equipment, contractors, deliveries, and more can be highly detailed, so it's best to plan well in advance. The spring and summer months are the high seasons for landscapers, and to get your hands on what you need, you should claim your rentals early.

Whether you’re working with wood, concrete, or tile, you’ll need specialized tools and equipment for your job, so be aware of what you’ll need so your project doesn’t get interrupted.

When Should You Start Preparing for Planting?

For the avid gardener, planting is the best part of the season – if you're setting up your garden for the first time, you need to do a lot of up-front preparation to prepare the soil. The project's scale will determine what kind of equipment you'll need, but timing is essential when planting your garden.

You should be mindful of the fickle nature of spring weather. If you plant too early, you can accidentally freeze your plant when exposed to the cold night air or residual frost. If you leave it too late, you won't get the total growth of your plants.

You should keep an eye on the weather patterns – from humidity to temperature – for the best time to plant your flowers or bushes. Some plants like shaded areas of the yard, while others thrive in direct sunlight.

Bottom Line

You should start your preparation for your landscaping project as soon as possible. Reach out to Falcon Rentals to get all the equipment you need to transform your yard into an oasis for the short summer months.